Who we are
Dana Johnson Accountant


Global Economic Impact Group (GEIG), a minority-owned company, was founded to provide a full-service business development and management company specializing in serving non-profit, for profit, corporate, and government agencies.

We have assembled a collaborative group of the most diverse, competent, and skilled business partners that represent many of the core services needed to build, support, and manage any business. Our team of partners represent various backgrounds, skillsets and expertise that allow us the ability to assist or support large and small businesses, projects, government agencies and communities.

Each of our partners have joined us to build a one-stop shop for:

  • Non-profit, public, private, corporate, and governmental business development and management.
  • Construction development, bidding processes, and project management.
  • Providing mentoring support and mentor training to youth and adults residing in underserved communities.
Our Mission

Our Mission

We help our clients identify their business and financial needs.

To provide full service “one-stop shop” core business services needed to allow each of our clients the ability to peacefully pursue their passion while we confidently manage their business.

Our Vision

To help our clients business dreams a reality

To be the world’s most successful business development and management company that successfully helps each client solve their business challenges while providing new opportunities, growth, and generational wealth to historically underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged communities.

About Us

Our Core Values.

Integrity – GEIG pursues principled initiatives and conducts business in a way that is honest, transparent, and ethical.

Diversity – At GEIG, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering – across all our work. They are central to our mission and to our impact. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing—and increasingly diverse—world. We will ensure that our staff, partners, and clients will reflect the global and diverse environment we live in.

Excellence – GEIG recruits, cultivates, and trains our staff as well as sets tangible benchmarks to ensure the quality of our work, professionalism, timeliness, follow-through, and personal accountability.

Corporate Citizenship– GEIG strives to fix larger systemic problems and empower communities to live better lives through our youth and adult mentoring programs and mentor training courses.

Corporate Social Responsibility – GEIG is an excellent steward of the resources that are bequeathed to us. GEIG has set auditable standards for our financial procedures and internal controls.

Randall Cooper, Ret. Deputy Chief  

Chief Executive Officer

B.A. Business Administration

  • Deputy Chief of Police, San Jose P.D. (30 yrs.)
  1. Deputy Chief for the Communication and Records Division with 250 employees and a 20 million budget
  2. Narcotics Task Force (4yrs)
  3. Developed the initial campaign and gathered community support for the building of the MLK Library in San Jose, Ca.
  4. Served in the Community Service Division as Captain & Lieutenant (4yrs.)
  5. Santa Clara County P.I.C. Board Member (4 yrs.)
  6. Santa Clara County Human Relation Committee (2 yrs.)
  7. Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee


  • City of Fresno Parks Director (7 yrs.)
  1. Managed a 24 million budget and 300 employees
  2. Took Fresno parks from worst to first in 2009
  3. Graduate of the National Parks Director School in 2009
  4. Raised over 20 million to design and build parks capital projects
  5. Managed 32 million construction improvement budget
  6. Introduced splash parks and shade structures in parks system
  7. Secured 100k from AT&T to add computer labs to parks system
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