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Global Economic Impact Construction (GEIC) is your one stop turn key provider for complete top quality engineering and construction services in the entire state of California. We can be bonded for over 30 million dollars.

Relationship-based Approach

Global Economic Impact Construction is a company built on relationships – and relationships are built on confidence and trust. From the first meeting to the final walk-through, our team works to cultivate long-term engagements with clients and industry professionals based on communication, respect and a shared appreciation for the unique needs of each project.

Over 85% of our projects stem from repeat and referral clients. We don’t just want to build your project; we want to build a lasting partnership.

Industries experience

The GEIC Way

We have completed thousands of projects in California since inception, a majority of those for repeat clients. Our team is known for our ability to work under complicated circumstances without disrupting ongoing operations. We take a construction process that is often fraught with unpleasant surprises, anxiety and unknown costs and we deliver projects that are predictable, making the process smooth, seamless and enjoyable to the client.

Since our founding, we have remained committed to our core values of positivity, integrity and passion—a set of guidelines that defines how we strive to conduct business day-in and day-out. Our values were developed together as an organization, not by an agency or leadership board, and have made a lasting impact on who we are as a company. These aren’t words on a wall, but values we live by that guide our decisions every day.

Our purpose is to Be Your Hero. This means in every relationship, our goal is to do everything in our power to help others on the team excel in their role on the project including subcontractors, third-party vendors, clients, facilities teams and architects. We strive to build unified, cohesive teams that put the needs of the project before their own.

We operate under these principles not only because it supports our long-term industry relationships, but because it makes the construction process really simple. When we focus our efforts on helping others succeed, the rest of the business tends to fall into place as well.

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