CalHub is proud to announce that William Broomfield from GEIG in Fresno County, has been chosen to chair the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA) Committee on our CalHub team. He brings the strong leadership, experience, and understanding of DEIA strategies and initiatives needed to help the team meet their mission and goals. He also possesses what is needed to create a strong Community Benefits Plan blueprint that will be used for centuries to come. Welcome aboard!!!


Kern County has been in the business of carbon management for over 100 years. Historically, managing carbon has meant extracting and utilizing it for energy production, but in today’s California, carbon management is extracting carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it underground for the benefit of our community and labor engagement and a skilled, diverse work force. Kern County’s commitment to communities – through engagement and Justice 40 targets – will continue to support its leadership in carbon management for the next century.

The CalHub will bring community, stakeholders, educators, and industry together to create a blueprint for a clean energy transition that prioritizes community benefit and inclusion that can be a model for the country. The CalHub will ensure that Kern County remains a leader in carbon management for the next century – but in a way that uplifts communities and supports an increasingly skilled workforce.

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